Frequently Asked Questions "FAQ'S"

1. Do I need an Electricity Supply? -

Answers -

There are several answers to this question a. Are you booking a Marquee, Tent - ans -if yes do you want lights heaters or catering if so then yes we need to plug in or you can book our Generators.

or a Bouncy Castle, Inflatable - ans -Yes we need to plug a blower in to run throughout the time it is being used or we can provide a petrol blower (Generators can be hired for events with more than one inflatable)

and or a Sound with light system? Yes we need to plug in or provide a generator.

Please note Electricity needs to be within 50 meters or 45 yards from plug to the set up area


2. Do Electric Rainbow provide all the equipment for what we are hiring? -

Answer -

Yes we provide all the pegs anchor stakes, safety mats and everything does mean the extension cables and all that is required to erect, build or operate the equipment.


3. Do we need to operate equipment ourselves?

Answers -

In regard to Tents, Gazebos and Marquees once its up its yours to have a good time in (Unless there is a problem which if the rarity happens you can call us to come and fix it)

In Regards to

A. Bouncy Castles and Inflatables for Parties, Schools, Private Functions. - No, you will be given suggestions of what needs supervising re the individual pieces of equipment you may ask any questions at that point by Our delivery team.

B. For Public Events and fun days and pay per go school events - You may prefer to pay Our team for Supervising these types of events. We charge a set rate per hour per member of staff.


4. Poor Weather and Covid Cancellations and Operations please see our HSE Pages.


5. Access "Will it fit in my garden" -

Answer -  This is a regular question many ask. We are working hard to measure Our stock and where possible it's size when rolled and delivered. Due to different staff and weather conditions it is not always possible to roll everything to the same size each time so our access needs can change and are flexible.

We are hoping to have a footprint diagram on every item shortly however you can call or email us anytime to discuss yours requirements.


6. Insurance -

Answer this is a Biggy!! In Layman's Teams and briefly described.

First we are not financial advisor's in any way the product we purchase covers the below for more detail contact us by email and allow 7 working days for us to get in touch with the insurance company for a specific answer to any questions you may have.

We have purchased a Public Liability Insurance cover product. This covers us for correct delivery, erection and collection also for Our staff to supervise Our equipment when we are on site at the party, event, etc.

If you require PL Cover for your staff to cover our equipment you need to purchase your own policy from your own supplier.

You do not require cover to supervise your children and guests in your own garden at a birthday party any more than you would when you have friends round for coffee after school etc.